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Tell the Truth asks prosecutor's office to check 'military patriotic clubs'


Tell the Truth! campaign leader Andrei Dzmtryeu on May 16 filed an inquiry with the Office of Prosecutor General asking to check information from media reports about the role of Viciebsk Eparchy of the Orthodox Church in sending children from Belarus to 'military boot camps' in Russia coached by the fighters from Donetsk People's Republic and Russian neo-Nazis.

The motion by Dzmtruey was prompted by a report in the Nasha Niva newspaper about the so called military patriotic clubs under the Viciebsk Eparchy. The members of the clubs went to 'military training camps' in Russia where they were coached by the instructors from among the pro-Russian fighters in eastern Ukraine and neo-Nazi. The children from the Belarusian towns of Talocyn, Druck and Viciebsk were involved in the trainings.

In the view of Andrei Dzmitryeu, reaction from the law-enforcement authorities is simply begging.

“Possibly, the Office of Prosecutor General will senf a formal roundaround reply. But informally, special services may take some steps, because there are people in power who understand the danger of those pseudo-patriotic organzations," Dzmitryeu told Euroradio.

He also added about his meeting with members of parliament when they discussed the danger of the pseudopatrotic clubs. Euroradio also reported earlier about the operation of Cossacks patriotic clubs in Belarus where children were trained with weapons.