Belarus feels open discrimination at EAEU markets - DPM

The Euroasian Economc Union has not managed to coordinate the single industrial policy, Belarusian vice PM Uladzimir Syamashka said at the opening of the Belarusian Industrial Forum in Minsk on May 3.

"We should be coordinating the industrial policy in the EAEU but we are unable to do it at the moment,” BelaPAN quotes the Belarusian vice PM as saying.


EAEU member states should not duplicate production, Syamashka thinks. There is a tendency for cooperation all over the world now and there are all the necessary agreements in the EAEU. “However, many countries are trying to close their markets wrongfully. We feel open discrimination at the EAEU markets and we are trying to struggle with it using all the possible means. Such unions were not meant for this,” the official argued.