Sunken Russian submarine found in Swedish waters (video)


Swedish divers have found a sunken Russian submarine in Sweden’s waters. It happened nine months after the large-scale operation conducted by the Swedish army. Military men were looking for a foreign submarine back then.

The Swedish Ministry of Defence has not confirmed the information yet, BBC reports. Experts have not identified the foreign submarine and are waiting for more images of the discovered object. The final conclusion will be made one of these days.

The submarine looks untouched and there are no traces of damage on the hull. All the hatches are closed, one of the Ocean X Team divers Stefan Hogerban said.

The submarine is about 20 meters long and 3.5 meters in diameter. The divers noticed Cyrillic letters on the hull.

The Swedish tabloid Expressen that published the photos of the submarine on its website reports that the vessel sank about 2.8 km away from the eastern coast of the central part of the country.

By the way, it may be the Russian submarine that sank in 1916, one of the experts interviewed by the edition said.

The Swedish Navy was looking for a foreign submarine near Stockholm Archipelago in October 2014. The operation took six days.