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Democracy March in Minsk - in pictures

Sunday March in Minsk on November 8, 2020 / Euroradio

On Sunday, November 8, as well as on thirteen previous Sundays before that, Belarusians again took to the streets of their cities to protest against the Lukashenka regime. In Minsk, by 12:00, the mobile Internet was already turned off and the metro was closed. The security forces filled the entire city center not only with paddy wagons but also with police as much as possible. They were dressed in black, olive, sports, military clothes. They had guns, clubs and shields. They rode in busses along the main streets, jumping out and detaining protesters, preventing them from gathering in large columns. They broke into cafes, shopping centers, and even a church in search of "suspicious" persons (by the way, old ladies drove them out of the Peter and Paul Church on Nyamiha yelling "Satan" and "Devil"). The detainees (there are more than 1,000 of them at the moment) were beaten, dragged along the asphalt, and laid face down on the ground.

Two columns still managed to form in the area of ​​Masherava and Bahdanovich streets, but both were dispersed. Protesters who gathered near the Stella monument were called to conscience. They were told to not be selfish: because of you, they said, decent people and guests of the capital cannot walk around our clean city. True, the city on November 8 looked gloomy. People in black obviously do not decorate it much, although they probably consider themselves handsome. The protesters, in contrast, seem like angels.

See the photos of the Democracy March in Minsk held on November 8, taken by the photographers of Euroradio, Radio Liberty, Nasha Niva and