Chyzh case: Charges brought against 5 more persons

KGB has brought suits against five persons involved in the so called ‘Chyzh’s case’. They are accused of major tax evasion (p.2 of article 243 of the Criminal Code). The prime suspect has been accused of the same crime, BELTA reports quoting the press office of State Security Committee (KGB).

Owner of the group of companies Triple Yury Chyzh was detained in the evening of March 11. Documents were confiscated from his office on the same day. Several more people whose names are yet to be made public were arrested together with Chyzh. All of them are currently held in a KGB pretrial jail.

Yury Chyzh is one of the best-known Belarusian businessmen. He was blacklisted by the EU as a person rendering financial support to the Lukashenka regime with the help of the company Triple. He also financed sports and was the head of the FC Dynama-Minsk supervisory board. Triple has suspended all investment projects in sports after the arrest.