Street art damaged by vandals in Kastrychnitskaya Street to be restored

The street art damaged by vandals in Kastruchnichnitskaya Street in Minsk will be restored, organizer of the festival Vulica Brasil Mila Kotka told Euroradio. The incident will not be investigated because the organizers have not asked the police to find the vandals because they do not want to draw attention to the issue as “this is what vandals need”.


“Nothing can be done about it. The painters who are still in Minsk will restore their works. It will be difficult to restore the works of Brazilian painters but this is not a tragedy. It is a shame but this is the street space, it reflects the level of everyone’s culture. This is what we have,” Mila Kotka said.

Vandals spoilt the works made by street painters during the festival Vulica Brazil in Mink on Sunday night. Famous street painters Os Gemeos and Finok Finok’s works were among them. The wall with the spoilt street art is in the inner part of Kastrychnitskyaya Street.