Statkevich organizes picket in center of Minsk (updated)

Mikalai Statkevich / Euroradio

Ex-presidential candidate Mikola Statkevich has organized a meeting in Freedom Square in Minsk. It was a pre-election picket during the signature collection campaign. The picket motto was “Let us protect Belarus”.

He has conducted similar pickets in 19 Belarusian cities, the politician told Euroradio.

“This is the final meeting. Unlike the previous ones organized in regional and district centres, this is a thematic meeting. It is dedicated to the protection of independence since it is the main problem: if there is no independence, there will be nothing else,” Statkevich said.

He considers the action legal since its format corresponds to the legislation. Representatives of the movement Mothers 328 also organized their picket nearby. They were collecting signatures.

About 30 people took part in the picket. Some of them burnt down their certificates of members of initiative groups. About 50 policemen in plain clothes were ‘guarding’ the picket.

It will soon be announced whether Narodnaya Hramada’s candidates are going to take part in the parliamentary election campaign.


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