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Statkevich: Belarus authorities have 2400 GONGOs to receive West's money


The opposition’s disunity ‘has paved the way for Lukashenka’s cooperation with the West’, reckons ex-political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich . The politician expressed the opinion in an interview with the information agency BelaPAN during his visit to Mahilyou. He met with local pro-democracy activists there on April 2.


Mahilyou democratic activists supported the idea of conducting the Congress of Democratic Forces in order to unite the opposition. Statkevich is one of the organizers of the congress.

The Belarusian authorities have created 2400 NGOs to get money from the West, Statkevich said. “Most of the money that could be spent on Belarusian NGOs will be allocated to so-called GONGOs. This is real,” Statkevich claimed.

The West wants peace for Belarus. “They are not accepting arguments that this ‘peace’ will yield bad results anyway because the country is in for dramatic events. They are weakening pro-Europe democratic forces at this time,” the opposition politician insisted.