Stadium encouraged football players with N.R.M.’s songs (Photo)


Fans kept shouting out mottos in Belarusian and signing “patriotic songs” during Belarus-Croatia match.
Belarusian … fans were most prepared for the match Belarus-Croatia. It seemed that if it had been possible to give their energy to our football players the score would have been different.

Fans kept shouting “Go ahead”, “Belarus” and so on starting from the first minutes. Fans even remade a Soviet patriotic song about Moscow and sang it in Belarusian.

The stadium did not become silent neither after the first missed goal not after the second one. When the score was 1:3 and everything seemed clear – the stadium continued signing and encouraging the team.

Only the emotional content changed and became far more pessimistic: fans started singing N.R.M.’s “Three Turtles” with the refrain “Do not wait, there will be no surprises”.