Square on December 19, 2010 in Minsk

The political prisoner has been returned guilty of ‘mass riots’ and released. He was arrested in June 2016.
Dzmitryyeu’s words about his intention ‘to start an assault’ are a lie and whistle blow, the ex-presidential candidate said.
There are special services agents in Tell the Truth, Andrei Dzmitryyeu confessed.
The ex-presidential candidate has recalled the events of six years ago and given advice to those who may be arrested.
One of the main members of Nyaklyayeu’s team is sharing his impressions about Square-2010.
Nyaklyayeu: I thought I had a team. Prepared Square-2015
The politician does not understand why the most active and resolute participants of the Square-2010 are still called instigators.
The politician has been detained for ‘the mass riots of 2010’.

The ex-political prisoner says he thought Nyaklyayeu was a decent person but did not know about his real role in the Tell the Truth campaign.