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Spokesperson of Ministry of Agriculture uses ‘F word’ when talking to Nasha Niva

The photo that caused a scandal

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture and Nutrition Zinaida Berashchenka used the F word when giving a comment to a Nasha Niva reporter. 

The edition noticed that Minister of Agriculture Ihar Brylo had been photographed at Barysau enterprise “Zdravushka”. The official uploaded his photo in a T-short with the inscription “Russia” to the social media. When the photo was published by numerous mass media, Brylo closed down his account.

Nasha Niva phoned the Ministry to learn more details. The spokesperson promised to ask the deputy Minister about the issue. When the reporter called her again, she swore at him.

The edition published the whole conversation. Euroradio has selected the most scandalous part: 

NN: Zinaida Yauhenyeuna, good afternoon. This is Dzmitry Pankavents from Nasha Niva. Have you managed to get a comment from Ihar Vyachaslavavich?

Zinaida Berashchenka: Look, this is the wrong thing to politicize. Stop doing this f*cking sh*t. This is not the right place to do it.”

NN: Oh…

ZB: You should better go to a collective farm and make a good report about the harvesting campaign and about men who come home only to have a cup of tea. Stop politicizing it. What is your ideology? Do you want to change the people’s spirit in some way?

NN: What spirit are you taking about?

ZB: Why the f*ck do you need his comment?

NN: Wait, he is a Belarusian official wearing a T-shirt advertising a foreign country.

ZB: Why do you care about his clothes?