Some Belarusians made several thousand dollars on national team’s defeat


The National football team of Belarus was defeated by Luxemburg last Saturday - 0:1. The European radio for Belarus decided to find out whether any fan had won money by having staked on the victory of our rivals.
The coefficients at betting companies “Parimatch” and “Status Quo” were like that: if the Belarusian team had won your bet would have been multiplied by 1.21. That’s what you could have got.

If you had staked on the team of Luxemburg your bet would have been multiplied by 15. Betting companies keep sums of bets and winnings a secret. However, ERB managed to find out that some people did stake on Luxemburg and the sums of their bets were big. 

Representatives of “Parimatch” did not tell us the exact sums but mentioned that there were 500 USD bets and even more. It turns out that people who staked 500 dollars of Luxemburg won 7500 USD.

There were probably those who staked even more. But even if your bet was much smaller your winnings could reach several thousand dollars. So, some people were happy about the defeat of the national team that evening…