'SMS-miner' charged with rape to stand closed trial


Hearings of Kanstantin Simonau who wrote an unfortunate SMS in the metro will start on September 15. 

"I draw your attention to the fact that the hearing will be held behind closed doors," said the press-secretary of the Supreme Court Yulia Lyaskova. 

It should be recalled that both an emergency and a comic accident paralyzed the Minsk metro in late February. A student saw the man writing on his smartphone text saying "I have a bomb in the metro where do I blow it up tell me activation code." While this may not be the whole text. As Euroradio learned, that day Simanau bought dumbbells, he was checked with a metal detector at the entrance to the metro. It was what the sms-miner began to write a message to his neighbor Xenia G. about. It is still unknown if the SMS text was taken out of the context.

Then the jokes were over. Simanau was charged with "knowingly false statement of the danger." And at the end of the investigation it was reported that a criminal case under the article "Rape", "Sex with minors" and "Demonstration of pornography" was also filed against the sms-miner.

As Euroradio learned, the main witness in the case is the same Ksenia G. - neighbor of Simanau. Today she is 17 years old. It turned out that even after investigation was complete the girl kept photos of Simanau and his children on her page. Relatives of the sms-miner believe that the case against him was fabricated. And from Xenia G. account in the social networks the Euroradio journalist received messages

"You have no idea how much they helped me to put him into the dirt."