Shklou streets are belarusianized


Civil activists have made Shklou authorities stop changing Belarusian street nameboards to Russian ones. An official celebration of the Day of Belarusian literature and press will take place in this town on September 2-3.
The head of the regional affiliate of BNF Ryhor Kastuseu and other activists have been striving to achieve it for two weeks.

In the end the deputy head of Mahileu Region Executive Committee Anatol Hlaz made a phone call to Shklou District Executive Committee and demanded to exchange Russian nameboards to Belarusian ones.

The District Executive Committee immediately ordered new nameboards. The local authorities renamed Urytski Street into Yanka Kupala Street and Karl Marx Street into Yakub Kolas Street before the Day of Belarusian literature.

Nameboards with new street names were made in Russian and had already been attached to houses. Ryhor Kastuseu met the deputy head of Shklou District Executive Committee Yauhen Simyankevich who admitted that the mistake had been made by the housing and communal services.

Radio Liberty