Seryoga hopes to make $1 mn in fashion industry


The official launch of the first shop of the King Ring Boutique network, owned by Seryoga, the most popular Belarus-born rapper across the former Soviet space is to take place on February 28 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The idea of opening a hip-hop boutique to offer the latest fashion brands came to Seryoga several years ago.

But after having signed a contract with the U.S.-based trade mark Rocaweam, which Seryoga represents as the brand’s official face on the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the rapper decided to go deeper into this business.

The interior of the King Ring Boutique in Kiev’s old town reminds about everything, associated with the owner. The photographs of Seryoga and Jay Z, his colleague and Rocawear’s founder are hanging on the walls of the boutique.

In the center of the hall and hidden behind glass are singers’ awards, his latest CDs and a $1000-worth bottle of Crystal Champaign, which Seryoga promised to empty after making his first $1 million in the fashion industry.

Apart from Rocawear clothes, sold exclusively at the King Ring Boutique, the shop also offers all of the trendiest hip-hop brands, including New Era, Makaveli, Akademiks, Sean John and Billionaire Boys Club. Some of the pieces are truly unique and sold in single copies only at the King Ring Boutique.

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