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Sannikau’s book gets confiscated in Belarus


5 copies of Andrei Sannikau’s book My Story. Belarusian KGB Prison or Elections in Dictatorship  were confiscated at the border check- point Pryvalka, reports. Iryna Halip, the political emigrant’s wife, brought the books to the border. She was coming back home with her son David.

The books will undergo an expertise, the customs officers explained.


Sannikau was a presidential candidate in 2010. He was jailed in December 2010. Sannikau was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in May 2011. Sannikau pled the President for mercy on December 2011 and was released early in April 2012. He received political asylum in Great Britain.

Sannikau wrote the book My Story in 2014.He described the presidential election of 2010 and December 19 events. The politician also analyzed the Belarusian regime in his book.