Salihorsk police wipe out pavement drawings


Salihorsk “Malady Front” organized a traditional chalk pavement drawings contest. It was dated for the 17th anniversary of the Declaration of sovereignty of Belarus adopted by the BSSR Supreme Council.

Besides a great number of participants and spectators there were a lot of policemen and KGB members at the contest. The press service of “Malady Front” informed that the action was conducted without any problems or detentions.

The only incident was a clash with the police when young people were not allowed to hang out a transparency with the inscription “Drawing contest” and the national emblem “Pahonya”.

Most participants of the contest used red and white chalk. A picture of the “Pahonya” national emblem, the white-red-white flag and political slogans appeared on the pavement. The organizers chose the best works.

Policemen filmed everything. Then they drew up a protocol about “ the damage done to the city by the painters” and called housing and communal services workers who wiped all the drawings out.

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