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Rusy: We have learnt to grow clean products at up to 5 curies


Belarusians have learnt to grow clean products at 1.5-5 curies, deputy PM Mikhail Rusy told STV. “We have a radiological reserve,” Rusy noted. “Our safety requirements are very strict and their violation may result in criminal responsibility.”  

“The presence of radionuclides is checked in every field,” the vice PM assured. The decision whether the products are clean or not is taken afterwards. “Nothing will be planted or harvested if there is even a slight deviation from the norm,” Mihail Rusy claimed.

The additional restricted area round Palesse State Radiation and Ecology Reserve has changed its status. The President has satisfied the request of Homel Region Executive Committee. The area is ‘under control’, Rusy assured.

Віцэ-прэм'ер Міхаіл Русы. Фота: