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Russian TV series part of information war waged on Belarus?

"Where did you buy this muck?" – "At a Foodstuffs from Belarus grocery."

The protagonists of two new Russian comedy series have started speaking bad about Belarus and Belarusian goods, according to the Telegram channel “Saint Bollywood”.

“The protagonists of Two Girls Short of Cash were eating rotten oysters bought at the shop 'Foodstuffs from Belarus’. In another TV series Adaptation, CIA agents call Belarus a god-forsaken hole somewhere near Uganda.

This is all one needs to know about our ‘brotherly’ series makers’ sense of humour.

The only good thing is the fact that “the CIA members” call our country “Belarus” and not “Byelorussia” in the Russian translation (probably by an oversight):

On 12 March, the upper chamber of Belarus' National Assembly, the Council of the Republic, gathered a session  dedicated to the new concept of Belarus’ information security. “We can see information floods being used to wash out the national mentality and the originality of countries and peoples. People’s social relations, way of thinking and perception of the reality are getting changed,” Belarus President Alyaksandr Lukashenka said at the meeting. “The principles of humanism and justice, the priority of family ties and healthy life-style should be opposed ‘to all this’,” he stressed.