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Russian MFA comments on detention of Regnum authors in Belarus


The Russian MFA has commented on the detention of three Regnum authors in Belarus – Yury Paulavets, Dzmitry Alimkin and Syarhei Shyptenka. Some of their statements about Belarus and Belarusians are inadmissible, representative of the Russian MFA Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on December 27.


"The words ‘sub-people’ and ‘sub-state’ pronounced by people influencing the public thought are unnecessary because they are arousing national hostility and xenophobia,” Zakharova said. Such statements ‘do not help create a positive atmosphere in [Russia-Belarus] relations’, she noted.

At the same time, Russia keeps monitoring the situation and is contacting the Belarusian MFA in connection  with the detention of the mentioned people.