Russia gives Belarus time till July 6


Gennadii Onishchenko claims that Belarus is trying to disrupt the agreements on milk supplies which may result in the suspension of milk supplies from Belarus (updated).

Belarus is trying to disrupt the agreements on “milk supplies” and technical regulations. It may result in the cancellation of the transition period and another suspension of milk supplies from Belarus to Russia.

The chief state sanitary physician of Russia Gennadii Onishchenko has claimed it, informs RIA “Novosti”.

According to him, Russia allowed to import more than 400 kinds of Belarusian dairy products on condition that all demands of the Russian legislation were fulfilled by the end of July. At the same time, Belarus has presented only about 30 patterns needed for the expertise since then, noted Onishchenko.

“We consider the situation as Belarus’ gradual work on disruption of the reached agreements”, - he added.

Onishchenko did not exclude that the import of Belarusian dairy products could be suspended again.

Let us remind you that Russia and Belarus managed to solve “the milk problem” on June 17. A transition period that has to last until the end of July was introduced back then. Belarusian products will be supplied to Russia according to the old rules by the end of the period. At the same time, one of the mandatory requirements of the signed protocol was the obligation of Belarus to make sanitary certificates correspond to the Russian legislation by the end of the transition period. Producers and suppliers have to present patterns of their products to laboratories accredited by the Russian Consumer Inspectorate.

“The analysis we have conducted shows that Belarus will not be able to stick to the terms of supplies it approved to export dairy products to the Russian market”, - said Anishchanka.

He claimed that he suggested that Belarus should “present documents proving its desire and displaying the order of fulfillment of all the assumed obligations”.

“If we do not get the confirmation by July 6, we will have the right to interpret the protocol of June 17 taking into account the circumstances”, - said the chief state sanitary physician of Russia.

He stressed that the current milk agreements between Russia and Belarus “did not mention the quality of Belarusian products although it is questionable and we planned to discuss it during the next stage”.

The Russian Consumer Inspectorate has refused to tell ERB what documents Belarus has to present by July 6.

The organization’s press secretary Lubov Voropaeva: “Minsk knows what the documents are. Ask Belarus about everything”.

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