“Rock Wheel” festival is cancelled in Lahoisk; it may take place in Navapolatsk


The “Rock Wheel” festival forbidden in Polatsk last year has also been cancelled in Lahoisk. Its director Syarhei Anishchanka is trying to reach an agreement with Navapolatsk authorities so that it could be possible to hold the festival “at home”. 
The festival used to take place in Navapolatsk for 14 years on end. Then the local authorities decided that “Rock Wheel” was “inexpedient” and it took place in Polatsk over the last three years. Syarhei Anishchanka informed ERB that he was going to meet the new Mayor of Navapolatsk Natallya Kachanava on Saturday. The future of the festival will be decided then.

“I am meeting the new Mayor of Navapolatsk on Saturday. If she allows us to organize it in Navapolatsk I will gladly hold the festival in the town it was born in”.

Anіshchanka notes that this year’s “Rock Wheel” will take place in October if he is allowed to organize it.