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Right-of-centre politicians demand to create public TV channel


The leaders of the right-of-centre coalition signed a resolution demanding to create a state public channel in Belarus on September 1, BelaPAN reports.


Yuras Hubarevich (Movement For Freedom), Anatol Lyabedzka (United Civil Party) and Vital Rymasheuski (organizing committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party) signed the document. The election picket was held in front of the Belarusian State Broadcasting Company. The resolution was handed over to a BT’s representative who came out of the building.

The new TV channel should be run by an observation council consisting of competent representatives of the public and different political forces, the oppositionists think.

The right-of-centre politicians also suggested a number of other ideas: creating equal conditions for state and independent mass media, making the national legislation correspond to international standards, stopping the persecution of journalists for cooperation with foreign mass media without accreditation and giving regular airtime to oppositionists on state TV channels.

The politicians also organized an action in front of TSUM. They agitated for Belarus’ European choice. President of the European People’s Party Joseph Daul attended the picket.