Restrictions on Belarusian deliveries to Russia to be lifted within 10 days


As Euroradio reported earlier, talks on supplies of Belarusian foodstuffs were held in Moscow. They were attended by Vice Premier of Belarus, Mikhail Rusy, and that of Russia - Arkady Dvorkovich.

Following the talks, Mikhail Rusy said that the restrictions on the supply of Belarusian products to Russia will be removed within 10 days, BELTA reports. He also added that on 4-5 December, Belarusian and Russian veterinary services will discuss each Belarusian company, which came under Russian restrictions. The work must result in an action plan to return the situation to normal state.

About 20 Belarusian companies came under the Russian restrictions. According to Rusy, they are all being constantly monitored. In the coming days Russia will receive all the necessary materials about these enterprises.

Rusy said that several Belarusian enterprises may have the restrictions lifted from them in a few days. The remaining companies will have their restrictions gradually removed within 10 days.

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