Zmitser Dashkevich keeps hunger strike for 7th day in Mazyr colony


The Young Front press-center informs that Dashkevich is
persecuted in the colony due to religious reasons, as a Protestant. He was
deprived of long-term meetings after he had refused to clean up in the brigade.
He was also reprimanded for that. Somebody else's blade found on the table was
used as a ground to put the question on Dashkevich's mental health. 


to Dashkevich's words quoted by the press-center, the colony's administration
keeps insulting him and uses every excuse to persecute him. "Besides, the
Chief of the colony tried to twist the situation and claimed that Zmitser was
swearing at him and insulted him...", - says activist Nasta Palazhanka,
who visited the colony where Zmitser Dashkevich was imprisoned, together with
the lawyer. 


Photo: Radio Liberty.