Why does the state leader need two Boeings?


“I haven't seen it", - says an employee
of the airport "Minsk" about the plane that every traveller can see
on the runway.

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The plane in question is the Boeing-767 bought
in Turkmenistan for the needs of the Belarusian administration . The luxurious airplane
has been parked in the Minsk airport since June.

The Aviation Department of the Ministry of
Transport informs that all the airplanes used by the President are registered
in "Belavia". However, he warns that nobody is likely to discuss all the

do not think that the information is public".

The information that is not "public"
for the state bodies is evident for everybody else.

I found information about the two Belarusian
state airplanes on the website planespotters.net. The Boeing-737 bought by
Belarus in 2003 and the luxurious Boeing-767 that used to belong to Turkmenbashi
are listed there.

 Employees of the main office of
"Belarus" cannot recall which planes belong to the company.

The official
website could help. But I did not find the Boieing-767 there. What a pity.

Director of "Belavia" Ihar Charhinets
does not want to say anything about the mysterious plane either: "No

It's a
shame. It would be great to find out why the Belarusian leader needs two Boeings.