Utkin: BATE should stay focused



Euroradio: Was the score of the recent BATE
- "Lille" match unexpected for you?

Vasil Utkin: Of course, it was! However, this
surprise is not that important for many people. It is a local event.

Euroradio: It
is an "expected" surprise?

Vasil Utkin: I understand that the event is important for Belarus
and for Lille. But what Belarusian or Lille events are usually covered by European

Euroradio: Interestingly, Le Figaro and Le Monde will
cover the defeat of "Lille".

Vasil Utkin: Of course, it is an important
event. But BATE players were not meant to be mentioned in newspapers, they had
to play in the Champions League and they did it successfully. That's a really good

Euroradio: How do you think, does BATE have a chance to
take the third position in the group?

Vasil Utkin: It is difficult to judge. "Lille"
has started losing players and it is not clear how "Lille" will
perform in the Champions League without some of them.

Euroradio: BATE will play the next match with "Bayern".
Will the Germans change something now?

"Bayern" is a grandee and they do not look back on anyone.
They play as they can. BATE should play with "Bavaria" as if it were
the very first match. And it will be difficult. BATE need to play every match as if their rivals are "Tarpeda"
(Zhodzina) - they should use all opportunities and concentrate on playing without
thinking about their chances to win.

Photo by: Chempionat.ru.