Uncontested candidate: Pro-government candidate's withdrawal a suprise


Pro-government candidate, Lukashenka's
former advisor Ihar
from the election. It became known on Tuesday. The UCP candidate Uladzimir Nyapomnyashchykh also left the electoral race. In the end, there
is only one candidate left at the Navabelichy electoral district -
representative of the Liberal Democratic party Syarhei
 - a 31-year-old power engineering specialist who
works for a private enterprise. Euroradio has talked to the unexpectedly
uncontested candidate.

Euroradio: Syarhei, do
you know the reasons why your main rival Ihar Prakapenka withdrew from the

 I don't know why he did it. This was a surprise for me.
He was a strong candidate indeed. I don't know. I cannot give you any comments
on this.

Euroradio: How do you estimate
your chances for victory now? You are the only candidate at the district.

Melnikau :
 It depends on how the people would come and
vote. My party members and me hope that they will come. We have done a lot of
work. The people recognized me, they know the party's program. There have been
many visitors at our web-site as well. We will wait for September

Photo — bymedia.net, Euroradio