Swedish and Scottish football fans to save Minsk “Partizan”


As Euroradio
has found out, fans of FC “Partizan” presented documents to register a civil association
on February 17.

will be ready at the beginning of March. We will be registered. Everything will
start then: there will be an entrance fee and membership fees of about 50
thousand roubles”, - explained head of the fan club of “Partizan” Leanid
Pyatkevich to Euroradio.

to him, a fund-raising campaign has been launched to help the new football club
join the second league of the Belarusian football championship. European fans
of “Partizan” are also expected to render assistance. Fans of Scottish “Celtic”
and Swedish “Hammarby”, German “Babelsberg”, “St. Pauli” (Hambyrg) and Czech “Bohemians-1905”
(Prague) also want to save the Minsk club.

The idea of
creation of a football club is not that unreal. “Partizan” players have been training since

Pyatkevich: “Guys from other clubs also keep coming – from “Zorka” and BATE.
There are also members of junior teams born in 1993-1994. They do not want to
quit playing football and the level of the second league is higher that of a junior

They are training
in the spare football pitch of “Tractor” now. Director-general of “Partizan”
Lyudas Rumbutis has helped to get a legal address. On the whole, fans always consult
him. Lyudas Rumbutis is looking for money to pay the players of the previous “Partizan”.
He has not considered his activities after the liquidation of the club yet.

Lyudas Rumbutis:
“They have been
dismissed but we have not paid them yet. I may just resign but it would be a wrong
thing to do to the people. Let me do it at first and then we will see. I have not
been on vacations for 4 years, I need rest”.

presenter of the programme “Football Time” Mikalai Hadasevich does not believe that
Minsk fans will be able to restore the club.

Hadasevіch: “The fact that they are going to find 70 millions is only the first
step. Then they will need to organize training sessions, find coaches, organize
trips, find buses and so on. It requires good financing that can be provided by
a big enterprise”.

Hadasevich wonders why the Football Federation did nothing to leave 12 teams in
the Higher League although it knew about the financial problems of “Partizan”.

Hadasevich: “They could have prepared somehow to avoid a championship with only
11 teams, uneven calendar and numerous problems that would appear during the

Let us remind
you that Minsk “Partizan” won bronze medals at the Belarusian Championship
twice and won the Cup twice. The club had to celebrate its 10th
anniversary this year.

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