Smarhon court fines painters (UPDATED)


Let us remind you that Ales Pushkin,
Valyantsin Varanishcha, Henadz Drazdou and Ales Tsyrkunou organized a performance
dated for Rastsislau Lapitski's birthday on September . Lapitski headed the anti-communist
underground in post-war years.

All of them were accused of an unauthorized
picket. Tsyrkunou was fined for 3 million roubles on September 3.

The painters have brought new portraits of
Lapitski to court today. Ales Pushkin also has boots and a field cap with a
white-red-white ribbon, informs "Solidarity".

The judge has  invited a Belarusian interpreter. Henadz
Drazdou has been fined for 3 million roubles. The second sentence has been pronounced
to Valyantsin Varanishcha - Br1 million fine.

Uladzimir Shulzhytski has been fined for 3
million roubles, reports the website  Ales Pushkin is also supposed to stand trial

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