Serj Tankian “Harakiri”


The story of Serj Tankian's third studio
album started last year when kids accidentally set fire to his neighbours'
house with fireworks. It has started - thought Tankian and then it turned out that
birds were falling onto the ground and fish was jumping out of water all over the

The musician
made a second-class product with the help of his i-Pad: he used his previous album
and made new songs calling it musical utilization.
"Reality TV," "Ching Chime" and "Deafening Silence"
were composed this way.

The atmosphere of the disc may seem dark
and fatal. However, everything is much more sprightly under the cover. Serj
Tankian does not appeal for suicide, he is urging to use your brains and "disturb
the silence during a final revolution". To cut is short,  “Let go of your
resistance!”,  and everything will be ok.

On the whole, a Belarusian ear can find
some similarity of Tankian rhetoric and the recent albums of the band "Luapis

The main instruments of arrangement in
"Harakiri" is Tankian's vivid vocal. The vocal replaces the guitar in
some tracks. The rest is extremes and contrasts.  

The musician
has announced three more projects this year: an album in the form of a classic
symphony, a jazz-like disc  “Jazz-Iz-Christ”  and a conceptual gangster album-story. To be

Track list:

1.         “Cornucopia”           

2.         “Figure It Out”

3.         “Ching Chime”

4.         “Butterfly”

5.         “Harakiri”

6.         “Occupied Tears”

7.         “Deafening Silence”          

8.         “Forget Me Knot”

9.         “Reality TV”

10.      “Uneducated Democracy”

11.      “Weave On”