Political prisoner Parfyankou to be released on Saturday


Syarhei Housha:
"I have phoned Baranavichy prison today.
They said that he will be released from 11 a.m. to 1.p.m. - we will be waiting."

may not be allowed to leave prison right after the release. The prison administration
may secretly drive him away by car, Housha said. It will be difficult to notice
it. Nevertheless, human rights defenders will be waiting for Vasil Parfyankou near

was imprisoned for 4 years for the Dec.19, 2010 action. He served his sentence
in Orsha. Lukashenka pardoned and released him on August 11, 2011.

But Parfyankou
was imprisoned again for violating the preventive supervision regime on May 29,
2012. His political activities were the reason for it. Minsk City Court did not satisfy Parfyankou's appeal about his 6-month arrest. Vasil Parfyankou was jailed
again on August 9. He is serving his sentence in Baranavichy colony.

Photo by — svaboda.org