Police let Karbalevich go to German Embassy


He had no documents with
him so the policemen-guards called the police brigade. The German diplomats
made them let the guest into the Embassy in the end. According to Karbalevich,
the diplomats tried to explain to the policemen that their duty was to guard
the Embassy, not to control admittance or non-admittance.

The political analyst
commented the situation to Euroradio:

Valer Karbalevich: "I came to the Embassy upon the
Ambassador's invitation for a conversation. The policeman who guarded the
Embassy demanded I should show him my personal documents. I had nothing with me
at that moment. He said he had a right not to let me in and called the police
brigade in order to identify my personality. When the brigade arrived, five
diplomats went out of the Embassy. In the end, they let me in without

Karbalevich is not going to complain at the policemen - the political scientist
thinks that the guard followed the instruction.

Photo - baj.by