Piles, flat feet or ulcer no longer exemptions from Belarus military draft


The number
of illnesses that can make a person draft-exempt was reduced on August 31.

people that will be drafted this autumn have already faced this innovation.

suffering from ulcer, flat feet or hernia will not become paratroopers or
frontier guards, they will be sent to chemical defense or become anti-aircraft
gunners, etc.

general Valery Fralou does not think that it may be dangerous for such draftees
and says that the army service may even do good to many of them:  

"Many young people drink too much or take
drugs nowadays. The sober lifestyle will benefit them. The army food is simple
and good for health."  

has found out that only every seventh draftee joined the army after the spring
draft when the innovation was not in power.  

According to official sources, the Belarusian
armed forces have no problems with making up of the staff.

However, the
demographic collapse of the 90s may change this situation. Probably, the
innovations have been introduced to save the army from the lack of draftees.