MP: Promises to repair roads are shenanigans

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CEC chairperson Lidziya Yarmoshyna has complained that very few candidates say what they will do "to solve the problems of inhabitants of small towns, districts, regional centres and certain Minsk districts".

In fact, there are such candidates. For example, Mihail Savanovich has claimed that it is necessary to repair the stadiums in some Minsk schools and repair some parks and squares.

MP Uladzimir Mayorau calls the promises to increase the number of parking lots and to repair the roads a cheap populism.

Uladzimir Mayorau: “You have to be realistic and avoid shenanigans. People will believe you and start hoping but will be disappointed in the end".

MP Aleh Vyalichka has supported his colleague. Such promises are up to the executive power!

Aleh Vyalichka: "This work should not be done by the executive power, MPs should not promise to do the job of the executive power".  

CEC secretary Mikalai Lazavik has also admitted that MPs cannot redeem such promises.

All Euroradio's interlocutors claimed: the only thing an MP can do is "inform the authorities about a problem and ask to solve it". They should not promise to repair, rebuild or increase anything...