Minsk pattern: It may be any city



The pattern of the capital is white lines
on a blue background and two mottoes: "Think. Minsk" in English and
"Minsk. Interesting"  in
Russian. No Belarusian motto has been created yet.

will be a motto in Belarusian. But we have not invented it yet. "Think"
is a strong word that urges the city to grow. "Think. Minsk" is aimed
at making an association with intellectual efficiency. The Russian word meaning
"interesting" is a good word for Minsk. It means that tourists should
not come to Minsk only for sightseeing - they should come because the city is interesting,"
explained Alyaksandr Grand, head of the company "Instid" to Euroradio.

White lines on the blue background display the
refinement of the capital, added Alyaksandr.

painters and designers have different opinions about the style of the
capital. Minskers should create the style of Minsk themselves, thinks painter
and designer Mihail Anempadystau. He thinks that the white lines on the blue
background suggested by the British company is... alienated from the city.

Mihail Anempadystau: “This ornamental and visual
sign is deprived of anything that could be attached to something. It is either
a map or a chip. It is alienated from the city. This sign can be used for any
city connected with high technology. Probably, it is a brand of the city
authorities, the way they would like to be perceived."

The best city brands appear on their own. Nobody
decided to announce Paris a city of love, adds Mihail Anempadystau.

A neatly made designer's thing, writer Adam
comments on the suggested style:

have chosen a combination of white and blue that corresponds to our capital. We
lack sun and it means a blue sky. The colours are good. It is good that people
care about it. But I think that the best Minsk's coat of arms is two rivers, not
the icon of the Mother of God."

They have chosen an advanced approach, head
of the portal marketing.by Syarhei Skarahod comments on the brand:

“The information and tourist centre "Minsk"
has chosen it own way - they have allocated money and invited tenders. Everything
has been done in correspondence with the modern technologies. They clearly want
to make a quality product."

By the way, the pattern suggested by the
British company is not final. It is an example that will be used in the background.

“You can add photos, clippings, and text to
explain the creators.

The final brand will be ready by the end of
the year. Let us wait.

Photo by: facebook.com