Lukashenka recalls "teddy bear landing"


The security
of the state border demands thorough analysis and attention due to the sanctions
imposed by the West and provocations, quotes Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

He took
"serious personnel decisions" after "the teddy bear landing"
on July 4, the Belarusian leader noted. The heads of the Border Committee and
air defense were fired then.

also drew attention to his special attitude to patrolling the borders. "You
know what the state border means to me. There can be no ex-soldiers and it may
be applied to me too. My attitude to the border service and to people in green
caps is based on it,"
the state leader claimed. The current head of the Border
Committee, colonel Alyaksandr Boyechka, has access to a direct line with the President
at any time of the day now, he noted.

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