Head of plant where strike happened: We suspended salaries for just 2 days

Last night the majority of independent informational web-sites published the information about a strike of workers of Svetlahorsk precast concrete plant No. 11. It is claimed that they did not receive salaries for August. The enterprise cannot provide them work, as there are problems with shipments of the main raw material - cement.

Acting Director of the plant Alyaksandr Hvozdzeu has commented the situation to Euroradio:

“We suspended the salary for two days and no more. Today is a day off due to absense of cement. No more disturbances. A complicated situation with cement is a fact, we don't need to hide this. We simply work from the wheels, from carriages. Unfortunately, today there's nothing at all. That's it. Therefore, today's a day off, according to the common agreement. It is claimed that they have already loaded some cement for us, we need to get organized on Monday. The salaries, unfortunately, because of all this stock stuff... Suspended for two days”.

Photo — bymedia.net