Drozd and Kazakou no longer prohibited to go abroad


The former prisoner of Babruisk colony found this out the next day after Euroradio's report on this issue.

Zmitser Drozd: "I read your report this morning, the one where they say that all limitations have been withdrawn and there should be nothing at the moment. I went to the passport office straightaway and the lady there was really surprised that the limitations against me had indeed been withdrawn, everything was in order so she said that I could go wherever I like. I told this to Kazakou, and he said that he would run to the passport office for such a certificate as well. This is all because you pushed them so it led to such quick results. I would like to thank Euroradio for real help!".

Drozd confessed that he dreamt of visiting Prague and Vienna since very long ago, and that he would go there as soon as he had chance.

Photo — bymedia.net