Belarus goes back to EET?



Vladimir Putin himself promised to return
the daylight saving time to Russians during his presidential campaign in February

Belarus decided to stick with the DST
together with Russia last year. Our country's time was diffrent from all (!)
our neighbours' time for six months and the time difference between Hrodna and Białystok
reached two hours!

Belarus shares its time zone with Iraq,
Saudi Arabia, Eastern African states and Madagascar now.

The Belarusian State Institute for
Metrology has not considered reverting this change yet:

“We are not getting ready for any changes.
No other decisions have been made yet," Alyaksandr Halyha, head of the Time
and Frequency Department of the Institute for Metrology, told Euroradio.

Alyalksandr Halyha says that Belarus will need
at least 30 days to prepare for the re-introduction of  EET. Normally, it takes up to six months to consider
such issues... That is why the Council of Ministers should make the
corresponding decision as soon as possible.