“For Auto”campaign not to take part in drivers’ action

Information about the action that will begin in Minsk at 7 p.m. has appeared one the Internet. Drivers will move along Independence Square from Surhanau Street towards the GUM.
Let us remind you that petrol prices have increased by 3% today. Drivers are going to protest against the increase. Artsyom Sharkou, director of the informational and educational association “For Auto” has informed Euroradio that they will not take part in the action:
Sharkou: "Information of the kind is really being distributed. Some drivers are going to take part in those actions. However, they are not centralized and look life self-organization. We are not distributing this information and cannot comment on it”.

According to Sharkou, the association “For Auto” is working on suggestions about fuel prices to be made to the Council of Ministers. The agreement about it was reached during a round-table discussion at the end of August.