Russia may stop GPS signal transmission on June 1


The transmission will be stopped if Russia is not allowed to position GLONASS stations in the USA.

Eleven American stations are situated in ten Russian regions according to the agreements signed in 1993 and 2011. GPS is the global positioning navigation system provides location and time information in all weather conditions using the world system of coordinates WGS 84.

Russia made a great step by creating GLONASS – an analogue to the American system, Rogozin said at the end of April. GLONASS was fully functioning all over the planet, he sanotedid.

Russia asked the USA to allow the construction of GLONASS stations in May 2012. 8 stations were supposed to be built in the USA while 19 GPS states were functioning on the Russian territory, Roscosmos announced in October 2013. The new American law on defence budget signed by President Barack Obama was directed against the construction of Russian GLONASS stations in the USA, The New York Times reported at the end of 2013. GLONASS stations may only be built if the Pentagon assures the Congress that the system will not be used to spy on the USA, will not increase the efficiency of Russian armaments and will not weaken the position of GPS on the market.

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