Racist scandal in Belarusian football

Black fullback Nestor Ebabise Molli was insulted by forward Andrei Baleika.  The judge disqualified the latter. The sufferer says that the player from Masty ‘insulted him on a racial basis’. 

Andrei Baleika claimed that his rival was playing a rude game and he lost control one moment, Pressball reports. Nestor Ebabise Molli hit him in the back of the head after the match, he claimed. However, this moment has not been added to the report about the incident.But the judge mentioned another moment – the Cameroonian hit Nyoman player Alyaksandr Shot with his head and the latter was injured. Supposedly, the Cameroonian confused Shot with Baleika.

The disciplinary committee of the Belarusian Football Federation will investigate the incident.

Photo: Pressball