Public transport fare rises in Minsk


The public transport fare has increased to 4500 rubles. The decision taken by  Minsk city executive committee was published today on the National Legislative Internet Portal, BELTA reports. The decision came into force immediately after its publication.

Tickets  sold by the driver will now cost 5,000, bus fares for express routes are now 6,000 rubles.

The cost of a monthly pass for one kind of transport is now 202,500 rubles, same for a fortnight - 108,000, per decade - 71,300 rubles.

A pass for two kinds of transport has the following costs: one month - 270,300 rubles, 142,400 rubles, 95,100 rubles. A pass for three kinds of transport costs, respectively: 322,200, 169,300 and 112,900 rubles; same for four kinds of transport is 364,500 rubles, 192,000 rubles, 128,000 rubles.

A monthly pass for an express bus costs 270,000 rubles, same for half a month is 114,000 rubles, and per decade it costs 95,000.

Previously, price of the transport fare in the capital rose on 9 August. Then, fare price rose from 3,700 to 4,000 rubles.