Prosecutor's office confirms attack on State Control Committee chairman


The attack on Zyanon Lomats, the chairman of the influential State Control Committee, has been officially confirmed after the Belarus's Office of the Prosecutor General opened a criminal case into the matter, Belapan quotes the press office of the Office of the Prosecutor General as saying in a statement.
The web-based newspaper Your Country's Tomorrow on July 17 ran a story informing about the attack by unidentified thugs on the country's top controller. It was reported that the thugs presented police IDs.

The attackers were later detained by police operatives. The police identified the attackers as seven KGB agents and one operative from the Security Council of Belarus.

The Your Country's Tomorrow newspaper suggests that it was a provocation against Belarus Interior Minister Uladzimir Navumau which eventually led to the dismissal of the KGB chief, Stsyapan Sykharenka yesterday.

The Office of the Prosecutor General would not reveal the details of the investigation, according to Belapan.