Pregnant woman dies of pneumonia in Hantsavichy


A pregnant woman has died in Hantsavichy Central District Hospital today. According to preliminary information – the death was caused by pneumonia. The death of the 38-year-old inhabitant of Hantsavichy has been confirmed by the head of the isolation department of the hospital Valyantsina Babko. However, she has told ERB that laboratory tests have not been conducted yet and it is not confirmed that the reason for the death was pneumonia.

Valyantsina Babko: “A woman who had pneumonia has died. The roentgenogram revealed pneumonia but we cannot be sure that she died of it… I was not her doctor and I have nothing to do with it! The woman did die but an autopsy just been done”.

Doctors from the resuscitation department have also confirmed that a woman died there but they flatly refused to say whether the death had been caused by pneumonia.
Resuscitation department: “Nobody will confirm anything to you”.

As Valyantsina Babko said to ERB, she conducted a check-up on two children of the dead woman several days ago. According to the doctor, seasonal flu was revealed in them. They were sent home to undergo treatment there.

Photo by — ByMedia