Politicians not invited to Ambasovishcha

Ambasovishcha has become a usual meeting place for many of the present. It is a place where people of different age and activities can encounter each other – poets, writers, playwrights, economists and political scientists, journalists and bloggers, diplomats and representatives of the civil society.

Creative people felt free near the stage and barbeque tables with cola. They did not hide their admiration – the event gave a chance to express themselves even to those who could not do it in other places. How did the present feel at that free art feast?

“I have never been a snob, I am a simple person. You can see some … interesting people here!” Yury Zisser, founder and co-owner of tut.by, said.


                                              Yury Zisser -- on the right

Producer of “one small cinema festival” Uladzimir Maksimkou watched the stage had noted down some organizational moments for himself.

Uladzimir Maksimkou: “You need a tremendous amount of time to organize a quality musical festival; you need people, administration and financing. Few people would agree to do it. It is too difficult. I am not even speaking about the political component…”

                                           Uladzimir Maksimkou

Unfortunately, you need to be silent about it. That is why Ambasovishcha will keep hiding behind a stone fence for an indefinite period, U.S chargé d'affaires ad interim in Belarus Ethan Goldrich, said.

Ethan Goldrich: “We are glad to see that some of the reasons Ambasovishcha was created for are disappearing. However, there are still journalists, writers, photographers, musicians and simple people who have no freedom of expression in Belarus. This event is dedicated to them. We are hoping to see more respect for democracy and human rights in Belarus.”

                                  Ethan Goldrich

Unfortunately, most of the people the festival is dedicated to have not been invited, playwright Andrei Kureichyk noted.

Andrei Kureichyk: “This is not an open festival, you need to be invited. We can see the Belarusian cultural and political elite here. However, I think that this festival is a barometer showing the current state of the Belarusian rock music.”

                                                  Andrei Kureichyk

The creator of the film Higher than Sky described his view of a real rocker.

Andrei Kureichyk: “Some people think that it is not vital in 2013, but I believe that a real rocker always knows what is good and what is bad. He is principled and has a civil position and his own opinion about the authorities.”

Suddenly Lyavon Volski and Pavel Arakelyan started singing a humorous song about… unfriendly reduction of gas supplies to Belarus.

Scandalous blogger Yauhen Lipkovich also deiced to talk to Euroradio about the way he felt.

Yauhen Lipkovich: “The country lacks some zest, everything is too boring.”

Euroradio: It is clear, but what zest does the country lack?

Yauhen Lipkovich: “We are inseparable from our people and we also lack some zest. When we come to power, we will bring all the zest to this Embassy (points at the Russian Embassy behind the fence. – Euroradio) and cover it with siding.”

                                                      Yauhen Lipkovich

There are only two happenings where everyone can feel at home in Minsk – Uladzimir Tsesler’s birthday and Ambasovishcha, he confessed.

                                         Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich

Our trade union also contributed to the freedom of expression, one of the leaders of the independent trade union REP Andrei Stryzhak said.

Andrei Stryzhak: “We have an initiative directed at supporting young creative people. They organized an event for 10 bands and it was done with the help of trade unions.”

                                                    Andrei Stryzhak

He also attends Ambasovishcha with a civil goal – to meet and get acquainted with the people he needs. Everything may be useful in life, he confessed.

Famous TV presenter Zinaida Bandarenka come to Ambasovishcha to get energized by the spirit of freedom with the help of young people, she confessed.

Zinaida Bandarenka: “We would have never gathered like this on our own! There are people of different age – elderly and young. I am very glad to see young people feeling so free. We can also feel this freedom!”

                                 Zinaida Bandarenka and Henadz Buraukin

Clover Club, HandmadE, Pani Hida, Patricia Kurhanava, Carter Brothers, Pomidor/off, Recha, Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich, Lyavon Volski and Pavel Arakelyan preformed under the Star-Spangled Banner this time.

The guests liked everything – the different styles, level of professionalism and genres. This year’s Ambasovishcha was a success.


                          Lyavon Volski, Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich, Uladzimir Puhach

However, there were no politicians among the guests. Neither opposition nor governmental politicians were invited.

Photo: U.S. Embassy