Political prisoner Mikola Statkevichto return from prison to colony

The imprisoned politician has informed journalist Baruys Vyrvich from Byalynichy about it in a letter. According to Statkevich, his three-year term in prison will be over on January 12, 2015 and he should be transferred to colony after that.

Not all letters are reaching Statkevich, the journalist reported. According to Vyrvich, Statkevich has not received his letters for several months although the journalist sends him a letter or postcard with news about activist of the democratic forces in Mahilyou Province every day, spring96.org informs.

Mikola Stakevich is the only imprisoned ex-presidential candidate in Belarus now. He was accused of participation in mass protests on December 19, 2010 and was imprisoned for it in May 2011.

The politician was kept in Shklou colony #17 at first. However, he was transferred to Mahilyou prison #4 in January 2012. The colony administration decided that Statkevich 'was not going to improve and to be amnestied' and 'was going to continue the criminal way of life after release'.

Statkevich has been suggested pleading pardon from Alyaksandr Lukashenka many times but he refused.