Police officer leaves Ukraine after leaking scandalous video


Mihail Gavrilyuk was helping a wounded person and was detained during a Berkut attack in Grushevski Street. He was severally beaten and made to stay in the cold naked. Berkut members were taking pictures of him. The video was uploaded to the Internet and became a real shock. It was shown on TV all over the world.

The police officer who obtained the video had to leave Ukraine, TSN reports. He had served in the police for 12 years and could not believe that Euromaidan activists could be abducted or tortured until he saw it himself. Some of his colleges used his PC for working with the video and forgot to delete it. The video displayed Gavrilyuk’s humiliation.

The policeman gave the video to a friend of his and resigned. Both of them are being persecuted now. The officer’s relatives have already been interrogated by the police. He is in the EU now.