Police detain participants of social pickets


Police are detaining the participants of pickets which today are taking place across Belarus in the framework of preparations for the Social March to take place on November 4 in Minsk. Valery Ukhnalyou and Dzmitry Yanenka, the activists with Party of Communists, were detained while handing out Tovarishch newspaper in Minsk. Journalist Genadz Sharyokin was also detained.

Police took thm to a police station, checked their IDs and released without charges, Valery Ukhnalyou told the European Radio for Belarus.

Party of Communists activists were also detained in Maryina Horka and Svetlahorsk, he said.

Valery Ukhnalyou: “Siarhey Abrazouski was detained when handing out the newspaper at a market place in Maryina Horka. Police filed an offence protocol and later released him. Sviatlana Mikhalchanka in Svetlahorsk was also detained for handing out the newspaper. Police filed an offence protocol and searched her apartment without the prosecutor's warrant”

Around 60 pickets are taking place today across Belarus. Out of 458 applications, only three pickets -- two in Brest and one in Navapolack -- were okayed by the authorities.

Ahead of the actions, police warned the organizers that it was illegal to stage unauthorized events.